Born on Sept. 28, 1926, in London to Sarah Freeman and Arthur Hyatt, Ruth Winkler ’71 was the middle of three children with sister Eve and brother Michael as bookends. Growing up during World War II in England with few resources and the threat of a German invasion, Ruth developed a determination that she carried with her throughout her life. Valuing education in a time when it wasn’t common for women to do so, she attended the London School of Economics, earned a B.A. in social science from SCU, and a master’s in Theater Arts from San Jose State University. In her 20s, Ruth followed Geoff Winkler MBA ’64 to Canada, where they were married (m. 1953–1986). After a stint in Washington, D.C., they eventually made their way to California, settling in Los Altos and starting a family there. Ruth was a longtime resident of the South Bay, living for more than 60 years in the Los Altos and Sunnyvale communities. With her signature elegance and style, Ruth had a loving and spirited nature that inspired many. She was a lifelong learner who continually pursued interests in the theater and arts. After completing her master’s, Ruth wrote and performed a one-person show, I’m Leaving You Darling. Later, she avidly volunteered for Palo Alto–based TheatreWorks, where for several years she helped to lead their showcase fundraising program, StarWorks. As a volunteer art educator for public schools, Ruth taught young students about color, design, and renowned artists. Her creativity extended into other venues, such as flower arranging, short story writing, and knitting. Beyond family and the arts, Ruth pursued her career. In her early life as a social worker, she placed children for foster care and adoption. Years later, she successfully used those placement skills in an employment agency, where she helped numerous individuals find both temporary and permanent positions. More than once, she was named top salesperson. Ruth passed away on Nov. 10, 2017, and will be deeply missed by those who knew her. She is survived by her four children: Paul, Chris, Alexis, and Celia; seven grandchildren: Jason, Megan, Colin, Makenna, Kelsey, Annelies, and Keenan; and two great-grandchildren: Gracie and Tucker.

08 Nov 2018