Friends of the University

Rose Hacking ’07 works in the Obama Administration as a deputy assistant secretary. "And yes," she writes, "I’m only 30. I started in Congress answering phones for Speaker Pelosi and it’s been a wild ride ever since. SCU helped me to cultivate a deeper understanding of social justice and now I work on refugee, unaccompanied children, welfare, and other programs that assist vulnerable populations. I am especially grateful to professor Elsa Chen, as her classes opened my eyes to the power of policy to tackle tough issues like homelessness.  While there are many politically divisive and complex problems out there, Santa Clara didn’t shy away from them and even supported a group of us to go to a protest in Texas to promote worker rights.  I’m grateful for the foundation that set for me and many others who to continue to fight for social justice in our own ways."

30 Oct 2018