Richard A. Hankins J.D. ’75 was born in Illinois on June 5, 1950. He grew up in California, where he became an “all-American boy.” Sports played a big part in Richard’s life. He was a passionate baseball fan and authored an unpublished manuscript delineating the evolution, lexicon, and intrigue of baseball long before the topic became hip and books flooded the market. Richard possessed a remarkable memory. He could rattle off players’ RBIs and team standings going back decades. He once delivered an impromptu lecture outlining the characteristics, merits, and features of wooden bats verses metal bats. He was also an avid football fan and again fascinated by its history. Richard was well read and frightfully articulate. He was exceptionally well versed in the Civil and Vietnam wars. Mixed in with a bit of mischief and a passion for sports and history, Richard displayed a keen wit and a generous heart. He graduated magna cum laude from San Jose State University and went on to earn a law degree from SCU. For several years he practiced law in the Bay Area. In the 1990s he established his own law firm in Modesto, California, and practiced both family law and criminal law. He enjoyed and was most at ease in the courtroom. True to his “all-American” nature, Richard was very fond of dogs and was seldom without one. He passed away peacefully in Modesto on June 3, 2018. Along with his son, Luke, Richard leaves behind his sister, Valerie, her husband, Frank, and their daughter, Ashley. He is also survived by two long-standing friends, Pat K. and Guy C. Richard’s parents preceded him in death. 

08 Nov 2018