The world of video games can be a treacherous place for many parents. Always in the forefront of the press, the intersection of video games, violence and antisocial behavior worries many parents, but a lot of the studies released to the public give a very narrow glimpse into the effects of video games. Inspired by her time at SCU, Rachel Kowert M.A. ’08 wrote her new book, "A Parent’s Guide to Video Games," which sets out to provide moms and dads with a reliable resource of information and advice backed up by over 100 scientific studies on video games and the way they affect physical, social, and mental development among children. "A Parent’s Guide to Video Games" investigates the issues of video game addiction, worsening ADHD symptoms through extended game play and the correlation between aggression and violent games. A graduate of the University of York, Dr. Kowert doesn’t just look into some of the potential negatives of game play; she also investigates the positive ways that video games can impact children. This guide will help parents look at all the information the scientific community has gathered as they try to decide what games to choose for their children and whether they want their kids playing games at all. Her hope is that this book will become a guidebook for parents, teachers, and clinicians who are concerned about the ever increasing media consumption (especially of video games) for young children and adults.

29 Oct 2018