Peter Coe Verbica

Peter Verbica’s (BA ’83, JD ’99): recent published works include Sherlock Holmes-based short stories, “The Musician Who Spoke From the Grave,” The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories – Part X: 2018 Annual (1896-1916), Compiled for the Benefit of the Restoration of Undershaw. “Ghost in the Mirror,” MX Anthology 2019, Part XV, and “The Dutch Imposters,” MX anthologies, 2019 Annual, Part XIII, as well as the poems “Rain on the Streets,” (High Shelf Press, 2019), “Forever Grateful,” (High Shelf Press, 2019), “The Quadrangle,” (Sunspot Literary Journal, 2019), “The Village with No Doors,” (Sunspot Literary Journal, 2019), “A Fragile Family” (Owen Wister Review, 2019), “Brazil,” (The Esthetic Apostle, 2018), “Stain,” (Mingled Voices 3, 2019), “A Wish for Earth” (Flying South, 2018), “Fear of Long Words,” (The Seventh Wave, “Power And,” Issue 8, 2018), “Glass Flowers,” (The Esthetic Apostle, 2018), “Gold,” (CatheXis, 2018), “The Arrest,” (The Poetic Bond VIII, 2018, Willowdown Books). Peter also serves as VP of the SJ Symphony Foundation and President of the California Congress of Republicans. He works as an Assistant VP at an investment bank and holds a Certified Financial Planning(r) designation.

26 Mar 2019