Peter Coe Verbica ’82 JD ’99’s Sherlock Holmes-based short stories “The Adventure of the Matched Set” and “The Deceased Priest” will appear in MX Anthologies, 2020 Annual, Part XIX, edited by David Marcum.  Other works of Verbica’s which echo Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original canon include “The Musician Who Spoke from the Grave,” (The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories – Part X: 2018 Annual (1896-1916), “The Dutch Imposters,” (MX anthologies, 2019 Annual, Part XIII), and “Ghost in the Mirror,” (MX anthologies, 2019 Annual, Part XV).
Seven more original stories written by Verbica, “The Lucky Strike,” “The Mystery of the Five Keys,” “The Man Who Didn’t Smoke,” “The Noble Heart,” “The Curious Case of the Bald Prince,” “The Lost Uncle,” and “Death at Hampton Court” appear in the popular book, The Missing Tales of Sherlock Holmes (As Compiled by Peter Coe Verbica, JD), which has sold in the US, Great Britain, Australia, India and Japan.
In addition to his works based on the heroes of 221B Baker Street, Verbica has also written on cowboy culture (Hard-won Cowboy Wisdom, Not Necessarily in Order of Importance); his Japanese poetry Eighty-eight Lost Haiku appears under the penname “Shijin.”  His well-regarded poetry works include Left at the Gate and Other Poems (2016) and A Key to the Grove and Other Poems (2013).  His upcoming book, Small Miracles, features over fifty new poems, twenty-seven of which first appear in anthologies throughout the world.
Peter also kicked off a private equity fund this year.  Go to to learn a bit more.

12 Jun 2020