Paula June Daly Haughey ’82 found her calling caring for thoroughbred race horses. With her husband, Tom Haughey ’80, and daughter Kaitlin Haughey, Paula founded PTK stable in 1999. She was born on August 9, 1960 in Los Angeles, where she attended Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. She met her devoted husband while attending Santa Clara University. After the birth of their daughter, the family relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, and started PTK stable, which still operates today. As no family could ask for a better daughter, wife, mother, no horse could ask for a better owner. Paula’s skills were numerous, and her generosity knew no bounds. If you needed a wrong righted, a checkbook balanced, a horse rescued, a gift wrapped, a wish granted, a party thrown, or a trip planned, you could do no better than to have Paula in your corner. She touched countless lives, human and animal alike, with her special brand of irreplaceable magic. Paula died March 25, 2020 at the age of 59.

02 Jun 2020