Patrick Clines ’54 traveled a good part of the world in his 92 years.  Born in Nebraska, he spent his boyhood in Washington D.C.  After graduating from San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno, and serving for a short time in the U.S. Army, the G.I. bill gave him the opportunity to attend SCU.  In 1955 he entered a Belgian seminary to prepare for the priesthood but soon realized that he was better suited to a career in education.  Gifted in language, he spent most of the 1960s teaching French and English in the Fresno area.  In 1965 his linguistic and teaching talents took him and his wife, son, and daughter to France (where a second daughter was born) and to Lesotho, Africa, in 1969-71.  After a divorce, Patrick’s life changed course again.  He taught in France and Iran and traveled extensively in Mexico.  He finally settled in Berkeley, where with a beloved dog by his side, he enjoyed the beautiful places and diverse people the Bay Area offers.  His friendly manner and way with words, whether in English, French, Spanish, or “Canine” allowed him to reach out and befriend many people.

14 Feb 2023