Melinda King Grow

After graduating from Santa Clara, Michael King ’56 was an active parishioner, including 30 years at St. Mary Parish in Long Beach, Washington. He read and sang in church, was on the Parish Council, and ran the religious education program. The beloved father, grandfather, high school teacher and coach, lover of languages, unrivaled Jeopardy genius, and minor league baseball expert died on December 5, 2022. His family, friends, students, and colleagues lovingly recall his warm personality, lively storytelling, and unique approach to life. King is survived by his beloved wife of 66 years, Janet King, his children Kathleen Twomey ’81, Gretchen King MA ’97, Kristopher King ’79, Melinda King Grow ’86, Mary, Peter, Sarah, Erik, and his 18 grandchildren.

13 Feb 2023