Michael Anthony Olenak ’86, or “Mr. O” as he was known to his students, taught in the same classroom for 30 years at Buchser Middle School in the Santa Clara Unified School District. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in History and a teaching credential at Santa Clara, he became a passionate educator who instilled in his students his own core values: honesty, courteousness, kindness, humor, and respect. Michael was also a much-loved friend and confidant to many and enjoyed an abundance of activities. He relished daily walks and bike rides around his Naglee Park home and was close with many of his neighbors. He was an avid sportsman, swimmer, kayaker, hiker, and conservationist. He died April 8, 2020, and is survived by his wife, Lynne, and two daughters, Mikalie and Danielle. He was 54 years old.

28 Sep 2020