Mary Nadine Kane ’06 married Beau Lacey on Sept. 30, 2017, at St. Ignatius in San Francisco. Fellow Broncos Anthony P. Sauer, S.J., ’56, M.Div. ’71 and Gregory Bonfiglio, S.J., ’82, M.Div ’93 presided over the Mass and Sarah (Boskovich) Villalobos ’06 and Kate Hitchcock ’05 served as matron and maid of honor respectfully. Guests included Robert Kane ’09, Stefano Sangiacomo ’16, Lorenzo Lacomini ’17, Leonardo Lacomini ’20, Jessica Lamson ’09, Jayne (Pimentel) Peressini ’08, Catherine Brown ’07, Robert Petrini ’07, Ashley Zeal ’08, Walter Schmidt ’83, and Michael Amico ’06. Mary Nadine holds two master’s degrees in teaching from the University of San Francisco and teaches at Sacred Heart Schools in Atherton. 

29 Oct 2018