Marisa Randazzo ’06 has married Quintin Fillmon of Santa Rosa, CA, in Los Angeles on August 15, 2009. Along with Marisa’s brother, Bubba Randazzo ’98 and his wife Amy Randazzo ’98, Francesca Koscielak ’06, Carly Bird-Vogel ’06, Ellie Meneffee ’06 and Angela Saldivar ’06 were all in the wedding party. Marisa currently works as a buyer at the Univerisity of Southern California and Quinn, a UCLA grad, works for a sales company in Los Angeles. After their wedding, Quinn and Marisa honeymooned in Europe and currently reside in Santa Monica. Other broncos in attendance: Brian Koscielak ’06, Nikki Strehlow ’06, Katie Reedy ’06, Lindsey Hart ’06, Mike Vinvent ’06, Kendall Craver ’06, Varant Ovenessoff ’06, Michaela Cawley ’06, Alex Rhodes ’06, Joseph Zanfini ’08, Joanne & Todd McDonald ’87 and John & Melissa Riley ’98.

29 Oct 2018