Constituents Deceased list

Marcus Henry Cohen Jr. MBA ’75 was born on Sept. 23, 1942, in Tampa, Florida, to Marcus Henry Cohen Sr. and Gretchen Geiger Cohen. He married Doreen van Assenderp Cohen on Dec. 28, 1970. He was a resident of Los Altos since 1971 and received his B.S. in electrical engineering from MIT in 1964, M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford in 1966, and MBA from SCU. Marc began his career in space communications at Watkins-Johnson in 1966, where he and his team developed and produced amplifiers and transmitters used for guidance and telemetry systems in the Saturn V rocket, which in 1969 propelled the Apollo 11 manned spacecraft destined to be the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon and the first successful Mars lander, Viking 1 and other deep space probes. Under his leadership, his team provided the transmitters and amplifiers for Pioneer and Voyager, both sending back important information to Earth well beyond their expected lifespans. From 1993 until retirement, Marc worked for Space Systems Loral. His career was reflective of the history of Silicon Valley with satellite technology, including major programs such as Sirius. Marc was devoted to his family, close circle of friends, and serving the community in his quiet but highly competent manner, always handling the details on behalf of organizations he enjoyed. He did the scheduling for AYSO when his sons played soccer, he tracked progress on merit badges and Eagle Scout achievements when his sons were involved (both achieved Eagle rank), and was awarded the BSA Silver Beaver in recognition of his contributions. He also enjoyed hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and camping—and especially enjoyed taking Boy Scouts and their families on two bicycle trips in Alaska. He served on the board of Sequoia Yacht Club and helped handle the finances during his sailing days. Upon retirement, he joined SIR (Sons in Retirement), supporting the local chapter website and newsletter. He was a master bridge player and enthusiastic golfer, enjoyed traveling, car rallies, trivia, and photography. He was a glider pilot, sailor, and wine master. Beginning in 1978 he and friends began making wine as “Chateau Garage,” winning county and state ribbons for their amateur winemaking. At age 76, Marc died on Feb. 28, 2019 of heart failure. He is survived by his wife, Doreen van Assenderp Cohen, son David Henry Cohen, daughter-in-law Yuni Chi Cohen, son Jacob Daniel Cohen, sister Adrienne Cohen Lange, brother-in-law Russell Lange, nephew Kyle Lange, brother-in-law Ken van Assenderp and his wife Karen van Assenderp, and grandchildren Andrew Henry Cohen, Charlotte Marie Cohen, and Madeline Chi Cohen.

23 May 2019