Louis Frank Boitano, Nov. 22, 2008.  A native of San Jose, he left Santa Clara to fight in the Pacific Theatre during World War II, serving as a personal bodyguard to General Douglas MacArthur. He was present in Tokyo Harbor on Sept. 2 1945, when Japan surrendered to American forces. He returned to finish his undergraduate studies at SCU in 1947, earning a degree in business. During his time on campus, he received the Nobili Award, the University’s top academic distinction. Shortly after graduating, Lou embarked on a lifetime mission of teaching and building a business, pursuing both with passion until his final days. In 1947 he received his public accounting license and the opportunity to student-teach at his alma mater, SCU. He later became a professor and his teaching career would last 25 years at Santa Clara. In 1952 he obtained his CPA license and five years later entered into partnership with Fran Sargent. This business relationship would develop into today’s Boitano Sargent & Lilly. He was a member of The Knights of Malta, Serra Club of Santa Clara, The Knights of Columbus, Catholic Charities, and was on SCU’s Board of Fellows. He received the Ignatian Award from the University for his commitment to helping others. He is survived by four children: Frank ’68, Mark ’71, Steven ’77, and Julie Robson ’83; and four step-hildren: Kathy Bridgman, Nancy Podesta, Sharon (Terry) DiCarlo, and Joan (Dan) Crowley; 23 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

08 Nov 2018