Leanne D. Ingram ’86 writes: "A year ago I married my first love from high school. We went back to Hawaii and got married on the beach where we used to hang out. I have 3 kids, my husband has 5, and we have one grandbaby boy. My daughters are: Julia (14), Natalie (13) and my son is Jonathan (11). My son has profound autism. He does not talk and has severe behavioral issues of headbanging and punching himself in the head. I have dedicated myself to learning more about autism and other developmental disabilities. I am midway through receiving my master’s in special education and have taught in the classroom as well as job coached young adults with disabilities. We recently moved to upstate NY, where my son is in a residential school, but we see him regularly. My husband, Daniel Ingram, is a retired Navy man (23 years served), now teaches ROTC in high school."

29 Oct 2018