Kevin Kelly ’71 writes, "This past summer, I had the opportunity with a collection of other old basketball jocks to play in the FIMBA World Masters Basketball Championships in Prague, Czech Republic. There were 16 teams in the 60+ category from a host of European countries, Brazil and our team from the U.S.  As we were awaiting our first game, the German team was playing on the floor.  I ran down to the court during a timeout because the two stars on the German team were Bud Ogden ’69 and Ralph Ogden ’70.  I was aware that Ralph lived in Germany after many years of playing for their professional team, but I also knew (from having played against him in some U.S. tournaments) that Bud lived in Gilroy and coached there.  I immediately approached him and joked that I was not aware he was German and he told me to spread the word that he lived in Gilroy, Germany.  The best part of our encounter was when our team, Columbia Sportsware from Portland, Oregon, ended up lined up against the German team in the finals one week later.  While I knew and practiced against both of them my freshman year (when they both were All-Americans), I never really got to play with them due to injuries and lack of talent on my part. Our U.S. team eked out a victory over Germany and the Ogdens in the final—and they were as gracious off the court as they had been good on the court.  One of our players tried to recruit Ralph to join us at the World Masters Games later in the year.  While he declined, he did demand a rematch—a request we will gladly accept at the next opportunity. Three SCU former ball players on the same court thirty some-odd years later.  What a great reunion!!"

29 Oct 2018