Keep It Short and Simple, or KISS, was a favorite acronym of Kazunobu Robert “Bob” Higaki MBA ’72. Born on April 9, 1929, in San Francisco, Bob enjoyed a long career in aerospace, first at North American Aviation, then at Lockheed Missile and Space in Sunnyvale. He graduated from UC Berkeley (Go Bears) but resided in Palo Alto amongst the Stanford Cardinal. As an undergraduate, Bob would say, “A fellow could get a Ph.D. before the Bears beat Stanford in the Big Game.” Bob earned his MBA from SCU and an additional degree in mathematics from San Jose State. After his retirement from Lockheed, he volunteered at Job Train and tutored high school students in math (which was odd as he couldn’t teach his son math), worked as the office manager at The Court Works—and later as a clerk at the now closed Peninsula Hardware. If you were a customer on a cell phone, he would simply walk away from you: He hated how rude the devices made people. Bob was old school, a loyal man with values, character, and principles. He peacefully passed away on March 3, 2018, at the age of 88. Bob is survived by his wife of 59 years, Jenny, son David, Jennifer Nguyen, sister Chiyo Takao, brother-in-law Shig, and Momo, the dog he loved but hated.

08 Nov 2018