Kate Trevelyan-Hall ’06 currently works as the Foundations & Grants Associate for the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL). CORAL is an international non-profit organization based in San Francisco that works around the world to unite communities to save coral reefs. Through this job she recently became SCUBA certified and in December 2010 had an opportunity to dive in Mexico (along the Riviera Maya) to see the important work CORAL is doing there to protect their reefs.  She writes that, in addition to work, she lives in the East Bay with her boyfriend and often hangs out with fellow SCU friends: Sara Iino ’06, Courtney Branich ’06, Kendra Middendorf ’06, Lena Shaw ’06, Dinelle Lucchesi ’06, Jamie Campbell ’06, Jennifer Sbicca (Grisaitis) ’06, Kenny Waggoner ’06, Trevor Hansen ’07, and Annie Thompson ’07.

29 Oct 2018