Joseph Francis Greenhalgh ’80, MBA ’85 was a man known for his integrity and dignity. In his free time he contributed to myriad animal and human services, and environment-focused charities. At work his colleagues held him in high regard for his intelligence, dedication, and empathetic style. Joe and his wife Jody were high school sweethearts who shared a love of music, dogs, and the outdoors during their long marriage. They attended countless Grateful Dead and Phish concerts, the most memorable being the 1982 Dead concert in Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater, where they were married. Joe also proudly supported Jody’s dedication to her practice as an occupational therapist and to her pro bono services to those impacted by trauma. Joe died from cancer in 2021. As a last request, he asked for donations to be made to AstroAccess, which aims to launch a group of disabled scientists, veterans, students, athletes, and artists on a historic parabolic flight as the first step in flying a diverse range of people to space.

01 Dec 2021