Jordan (Crary) Beadle ’09 and John Beadle ’09 were married on Aug. 12, 2017, at the Santa Clara Mission. While John and Jordan both attended SCU in the same class, their paths never crossed as undergrads. They actually met in San Francisco, ironically at a bar called Swig—the first-year dorm of both John and Jordan.

Taylor Crary, the bride’s sister, served as maid of honor. Brand Schlesinger ’09 served as best man. Fellow alumni in the bridal party included Kristin Beadle ’10, Paige (Fujiu) Baird ’09, Tamara (Lugliani) Bassett, Alicia Mooty ’09, Leslie Kincaid-Lawrence ’09, Simon Root ’09, Michael Bonner ’09, Andrew Scanlan ’09, and Brian Bradley ’09. Friends of John and Jordan, Stephanie (Arnold) Wetzel ’09, Kevin Wetzel ’09, and Kyle Pistor ’09, also participated as readers during the ceremony.

The reception took place at San Jose Country Club, also the wedding reception venue of Jordan’s parents, Fred Crary ’74 and Kim (Shanley) Crary ’77. Several classmates and friends of Jordan’s parents from Santa Clara were also part of the celebration.

29 Oct 2018