Friends of the University

John Arthur Stege Sr. died on December 28, 2010. He was born in Los Angeles to Art and Clementine Donahue Stege. He was raised in Lancaster, California with his sister Katie (Whidden). While he was in the Retail Wholesale Wine and Spirits industry his entire business life, his real joy and love was in his family and flying. He matriculated from the Army Air Corp as a Major, having flown 125 missions in a P-38 fighter plane in both North Africa and The South Pacific in World War 2. His children had no idea growing up in Van Nuys California that their father was a war hero, as he never spoke of his exploits until his later years. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame for the Newport Beach American Legion Post #291. He was always in the family hall as the best father, friend, uncle, and grandpa anyone could ever have. It is with much joy and comfort that he is now reunited with his beloved wife Charlene Mary Mertes, who departed from us in June of 1999. He is survived by son John Stege Jr. ‘74, Los Gatos (Laura), Lorraine Ellen in Napa, Roseann Christine in Costa Mesa (Steve Wherry), Mary Lynn in Fairfield (John Askin), and Sally Elizabeth in Chico, and 7 grandchildren.

08 Nov 2018