Joel A. Hirschman 74 died on September 17, 2010. He was born on September 1, 1948 in Portland, Oregon. Joel attended Oregon State University and later got his Masters in Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University. Joel Retired from IBM in 1993 after 25 years, he then became president of JHirschman Technologies in 1994-Present. Joel is survived by his father, Lawrence Hirschman; his wife, Paulette Scalese-Hirschman and five children, Leland Hirschman, Andrea (Mark) Evenson, Thomas (Jill) Hiller, Constance Scalese, Lisa (Ben) Hiller Pagel. Joel also had four grandchildren, Nicholas Lowe, Joey DeYoung, Victor Hiller and Sifer Evenson; brothers and sisters Rae LaMarche, Bruce Hirschman, and Francie Gabriel. Joel was in many organizations including the Catalina Rotary, One Man Band, Drinking Liberally, and the Breakfast Buddies.

08 Nov 2018