James Lorenz MBA ’87, affectionately known as Cupid Lips, grew up in Arlington, Virginia, in a neighborhood of brick colonial homes adorned with azaleas. As a young child, Jimmy’s favorite book was Harold and the Purple Crayon, a story about a boy who could create anything he imagined with his purple crayon. In grade school, his mom put chocolate chip cookies inside his peanut butter sandwiches. Jim attended Yorktown High School (class of ’76), where his extracurricular activities included rowing on the Potomac, playing soccer, and tooting his French horn. In college, Jim studied the great books at St. John’s University (class of ’80), where he learned how to analyze complex problems as well as the art of public speaking. After graduating with a degree in liberal arts, Jim worked at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, where he taught himself programming languages and developed manufacturing applications, and earned his MBA at Santa Clara. After retiring from SanDisk in 2007, Jim became a personal trainer, advocating CrossFit physical fitness and the paleo diet. For over 14 years, he refereed hundreds of CYSA and AYSO soccer games. In 2013, Jimmy moved to Carmel with his wife, Janette, and built the home of his dreams—purple crayon be damned. Jim is remembered by his family and friends as a happy spirit, incredibly bright and energetic, and a positive person who lived life on his own terms. He died at home of glioblastoma, surrounded by his family, on June 18, 2019.

28 Jan 2020