Celeste Dier

If there was a reunion coming up for the Class of 1949 and you were in it, chances were good you’d get a call or letter from Jim Arbios ’49 urging you to attend. And if you didn’t answer, he’d follow up because there was no greater an SCU Bronco supporter than him. Jim truly loved his four years there, made lifelong friends, and graduated with a degree in business. For many years he worked in advertising sales in San Francisco. The lessons he learned in ethics at SCU stayed with him and influenced him for the rest of his life. When their nest was finally empty, Jim and his wife, Lorene, enjoyed the many trips they took around the U.S. and abroad. They were especially thrilled to visit Jim’s French Basque relatives in southern France as Jim liked tracing his ancestral roots. Back home Jim’s favorite topics were Santa Clara Broncos, baseball, and cribbage, the order of which would change depending on how well the S.F. Giants were doing. Each year he would look forward to the annual Arbios Beach Week in Santa Cruz, a tradition that began in his childhood and that he continued with his children and they continue today. He died December 19, 2020, in St. Helena, California. Lorene and their six children, including Michele Arbios ’73, Celeste Dier ’74, and Dan Arbios ’90, survive him. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Alumni Family Scholarship Fund at Santa Clara University. Donate online at scu.edu/giving. In the meantime, Jim would want you to enjoy a See’s Scotchmallow and to toast him with the beverage of your choice.

01 May 2021