After graduating from Santa Clara with a degree in electrical engineering, James Downey ’62 went on to earn a master’s from the University of Arizona and participated in an electrical engineering co-op program at Stanford University. Jim then joined a start-up called Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), where he eventually rose to senior VP and chief operating officer of what would become an industry giant. After his success at AMD, he joined another start-up, ReadRite, as CEO and helped bring the company public, then spent several years as the president of the small water company division of the California Water Association. While at Santa Clara, Jim met his future wife, Kathleen Shea, on a Valentine’s Day blind date. His happiest times were spent with his family: skiing trips, playing in the snow with his three kids, and board game nights. Downey died on November 13, 2022, and is survived by his wife, children, and six grandchildren.

07 Dec 2022