J. Allen Hayes ’66 had a simple red: faith, family, and country. Together with his wife, they received the 1995 Norman Vincent Peale Foundation “America’s Award” – The Nobel Prize for goodness from President Ronald Reagan, the Ignatian Award from Santa Clara University Alumni Association in recognition of distinguished service to humanity, and the First Annual “Quality of Life Award” from the MDRT Foundation. The two founded “Kids Deserve Better” an advocacy project for special needs children. He loved his family fiercely and completely. Allen died Feb, 28, 2022 and is survived by son Matthew A. Hayes ’91, brother-in-law Raymond J. Triplett ’77, brother-in-law Michael P. Noyes JD ’76, niece Lauren T. Corman JD ’13, sister-in-law Barbara K. Sullivan ’70, nephew Raymond C. Triplett ’08, nephew Devon M. Corman JD ’11, wife Kathleen T. Hayes ’66, sister-in-law Elizabeth J. Triplett ’08, brother-in-law John B. Sullivan ’68, brother-in-law Michael L. Corman JD ’76, and sister-in-law Joan Noyes ’73.

16 Aug 2022