Howard W. Edwin ’53, a Great Falls, Minn., native, died of pulmonary fibrosis August 9, 2010 at his home in Newark, Calif., at the age of 80. Howard Edwin was educated in Great Falls, and graduated from Great Falls High School in 1947. He attended Gonzaga University and then graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in business administration. He spent his entire life traveling the world in the travel industry. Diane (Boe) Edwin, Howard’s wife, was a native of San Francisco. A graduate of San Francisco State University, she was a teacher in area grade schools and was a certified reading specialist. She and Howard were married in 1971 and made their home in Newark, Calif. She passed away from complications of cancer on Jan. 21, 2009. They are survived by sisters-in-law Shirley Edwin of Great Falls and Jane Edwin of Alexandria, Va.; nieces, Maureen Edwin of Ramsey, Minn., and Julie Mendenhall of Great Falls; and nephew, Dr. Mark Edwin of Scottsdale, Ariz. Diane Edwin was preceded in death by her parents, Norman J. Boe and Mariel E. Eastman of California. Howard was preceded in death by his parents, Dr. and Mrs. E.S. Edwin of Great Falls; and brothers, Dr. Russell L. Edwin of Great Falls and Edward M. Edwin of Alexandria, Va.

08 Nov 2018