A wonderful and brilliant man, Henry Demmert ’65 grew up in Southern California and made his way to Northern California through a scholarship to SCU, where he received a degree in economics. He was then fortunate enough, although sometimes he joked differently, to receive a scholarship to Stanford University where he received a Ph.D. in economics. Returning to SCU, he taught for over 40 years—and for a period of time was the undergraduate dean of the business school and on the board of athletics. He cared more about his students than anything else but still managed to publish a few books and papers (his true passion was teaching his students, not research.) He was famous at Santa Clara as being a fair but tough professor, earning the nickname “D-minus Demmert.” Henry was an amazing father and taught children Brian Demmert ’02, MBA ’08 and Susan Demmert ’93 as well as many other kids to be amazing baseball players. He was always present as a dad, going so far as to rearrange his teaching schedule so he could attend every single one of his son’s high school baseball games; he also taught him how to drive, which resulted in putting the family minivan through the garage into the laundry room wall. A kind, loving man, Henry passed away on Sept. 16, 2019.

22 Oct 2019