Heather Kinser

Heather Kinser ’90, who served as poetry editor for the Santa Clara Review in 1989-90, has fulfilled a dream of becoming a published picture book author and children’s poet. Millbrook Press published her first picture book, Small Matters: The Hidden Power of the Unseen, in 2020. This fall, two more books are forthcoming: Nature Is a Sculptor (Millbrook Press) and In a Cave (Gnome Road Publishing). Additionally, Heather’s poem “King Tut Tours His Tomb” appeared in Cricket Magazine this past February, and “One Man Band” will appear in an Australian children’s periodical (The School Magazine) later this year. Heather would like to acknowledge the Santa Clara Review‘s role and her poetry professor, Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes, in nurturing her creative-writing spark. More info on her work can be found at HeatherKinser.com/books.

01 May 2023