After graduation, Greg Method ’12 and Joe Burke ’12 set out to improve on an existing antiquated medical device product and completely redesigned the Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) device for use in post-surgical knee rehab. A connection was with orthopedic surgeon and five-time Olympic speed skating gold medalist Eric Heiden and customer Kinex Connect, they sold their startup and continue to work on the product.

They credit mechanical engineering Associate Professor Christopher Kitts and physics Associate Professor Philip Kesten with helping to instill an entrepreneurial mindset. "Dr. Kitts pushed us to think about commercial viability and assess industry need in creating a product that can be successful in a commercial environment, and Dr. Kesten helped cultivate the desire to keep moving forward, even when I didn’t have anything other than an idea. Offering advice or just acting as a sounding board, he was a tremendous help in getting started. Those relationships are crucial. Mentorships, the support systems you find through Santa Clara—when someone believes you can do it, it helps you believe, too."

30 Oct 2018