Gina Carnazzo MTS ’10 is a volunteer English teacher at a mission school in Lome, Togo. She writes:  “I have always wanted to come to Africa. I am drawn to the people and the land (and the animals—though there aren’t any safari animals in Togo). But it always seemed like an impossible dream to travel here. Then, when I met so many people from African countries at JST, it began to feel more possible. I chose the Canossian Daughters of Charity because I liked what I read about their organization (VOICA), and I wanted to be involved with a Catholic organization. The core of my coming here is this: I have been showered with love and gifts all my life. I feel filled with love—overflowing, sometimes—and I just want to share that love. I did not come to Africa to convert anyone—just to share Christ’s love with the people here. I am not bringing Christ’s love, though, because His love is already here (something I learned at JST).”

29 Oct 2018