Gae Melford ’72 was many things: a masterful wordsmith, a warm and effortless hostess, a fierce friend to all, and a tireless ally and advocate for others. She arrived at Santa Clara in the late 1960s and her growing passion for social justice had her traveling frequently to San Francisco, where she and friends joined anti-war demonstrations and gay rights parades. After a few odd jobs, from working at a canning factory to posing as the Chiquita Banana girl, Gae was hired at Psychology Today Magazine and, eventually, HBO. A trailblazer as a female leader in the 80s, Gae was promoted to creative director during HBO’s heyday, and was in charge of promotion for all the affiliated stations around the country. She married photographer Michael Milford in 1985 and eventually managed his studio and business, pitching his work to National Geographic. Gae died May 9, 2023.

07 Nov 2023