Frederick Randall Remer J.D. ’72 was born on Nov. 25, 1942, in Portland, Oregon, and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area with his mother and two younger brothers when he was age 5. A product of the 1960s counterculture, Fred came of age in the Haight Ashbury to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd and The Doors. His involvement demonstrating against the Vietnam War sparked a lifelong passion for resistance against abuse of power, which shaped his future. Upon graduation from SCU School of Law, Fred began his career working for his mother, Betty Browner, a renowned Bay Area family law attorney. Simply known as “Remer” at this point, Fred knew that criminal defense was for him, and he became a staunch advocate for the downtrodden. A natural-born entertainer, he commanded any room or courtroom with his energy and charm; humor and hijinks won over many a judge and jury. He was a guardian of human decency and tirelessly fought to ensure his clients’ dignity. Dubbed “Captain Maui” by the locals, Fred escaped to that island when he needed serious time in nature. He gladly swapped his suit and briefcase for camos and a good book under a tree near the beach. The island and its community served as Fred’s home away from home, and these times and friends were some of his happiest and best. On any given day, Fred could be found ordering a burger at Val’s, going for a night run to Colonial Donuts, arguing his politics, or flying down U.S. Highway 1 on his motorcycle. He told every story in hyperbole, always had an opinion, never grew old, and never grew up. Our memory of Fred will never fade. A beloved father, grandfather, and friend, he passed away at his home in the Oakland Hills on March 29, 2019, at the age of 76. Fred is survived by his brothers, David and Mike Remer; his three children, Chris and Stacy Remer and Alison Stewart, along with his daughter-in-law Laura; his grandchildren Jordan, Julia, Lauren, Samantha, Jake, Greg, and Amanda; and many friends and family members.

21 Aug 2019