Frederick L. Farrell Jr. ’51 just turned 90 years old and has been married for 68 years to Elin J. Farrell. He writes, “I was a member of the SCU 100th graduation class of June 1951, and my experience at Santa Clara University is certainly one of the most important factors in my life, right from the start, in developing who I was and who I am today. Elin and I were married in a Catholic church in New York City in February 1952, and the next day we traveled West to visit SCU, because I wanted Elin to have a greater feeling for where I was coming from. Elin’s family had emigrated to New York from Vasa, Finland, and her “church” while growing up was The Salvation Army, in which both of her parents were “soldiers.” We had only known one each other for five months when we were married, and I, then a brand new 2nd lieutenant, was on my way to participate in the conflict going on in South Korea for the winter of 1952. I got through that experience with the help of our God, and when I returned, Elin became a Catholic, and here we are today. We are the great-grandparents of eight youngsters and still getting along pretty well.”

07 Oct 2019