Fred Franzia ’65 was a revolutionary in the wine industry. He challenged the Napa wine industry and opened up the accessibility of wine. In 1973, Fred founded Bronco Wine Company with his brother Joseph S. and cousin John. They shared the vision of creating high quality wines at a value for wine consumers. Core to his vision was a belief that wine should be enjoyed and consumed on every American table. His famous Charles Shaw wine did just that. Unlike the budget wines available at that time, Charles Shaw was delivered in a glass bottle with a cork. It wasn’t known for its quality but it made up for that in more with its roaring success in sales. 

When asked how Bronco Wine Company can sell wine less expensive than a bottle of water, Fred famously countered, “They’re overcharging for the water—don’t you get it?” His entrepreneurial spirit, tireless dedication, and his commitment to both his family and to the Bronco family will forever be remembered. He died on September 13, 2022 and is survived by extended family including cousin Carlyse Ciocca ’77, nephew Damon Franzia ’95, nieces Gianna Franzia ’99 and Lisa Franzia ’96, grandson Hudson Price ’23, son-in-law Robert Price ’90, daughter-in-law Ann Franzia ’95, daughter Renata Price ’90, brother Joseph Franzia ’64, and son Joseph Franzia ’95.

14 Dec 2022