Edward D. S. Sullivan ’40 passed away at home on January 12, 2010. Born on February 24, 1918, he was a native of Virginia City, Nev. Edward served in the Army Air Force starting just before World War II. He saw action in Africa, Sicily, Greece, and Rome where, as Colonel Sullivan, he was appointed liaison to the Vatican. Upon retiring from the Air Force, he prepared to become a college educator by attending Oxford University and the University of California at Santa Barbara (M.A. and Ph.D). He retired as Emeritus Professor of English Literature at San Diego State University in 1983. Sullivan then volunteered to teach English for two years in China at Wuhan University, where he was a principal founder of the Wuhan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the financial assistance of Chinese students seeking education in America. These endeavors led to Sullivan’s long and deep friendships with many Chinese students who traveled from afar to visit him on birthdays and holidays. Edward is survived by his cousins in the Reno, Nev., area and will always be remembered by his many colleagues and friends, who will miss him greatly.

08 Nov 2018