An M.S., B.S., and Ph.D. from Stanford University, and an MBA and J.D. from Santa Clara University. Those are all the degrees Dr. Robert “Robby” Beyers J.D. ’00, MBA ’01 earned in a single lifetime. Robby worked as a material scientist at the IBM Almaden Research Center. Then, as a patent attorney, he authored hundreds of patents, including the iPhone patent for its user interface. But, for more than 40 years, the job Robby loved most was being the unofficial photographer for the Stanford Marching Band. Even after his diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2018, Robby continued to work on new projects. He died on April 12, 2021, and is survived by his wife, two sons, including Danny Beyers ’15, two siblings, and countless friends.

21 Jul 2021