Douglas O’Neal, husband of Kathryn A. Sure J.D. ’80, long time labor activist, and local teamster leader died January 1, 2020 in San Jose. Born January 17, 1951 in Vallejo, Doug lived a rich and full life, growing up all over the United States and Europe with his Air Force family. He moved to San Jose in 1968, and graduated San Jose High School and later San Jose City College. He became active in the anti-war movement, the Irish Independence Movement, and finally in the labor movement with Teamsters Local 287. Starting as a truck driver, then organizer, he worked his way up to Principle Officer, where he served until his retirement in 2005. Doug was a labor leader when he met wife Kathy, a labor lawyer, in 1985. They were married over 33 years and had two daughters, Kelly and Allie. As an outdoorsman, he loved backpacking, biking, and kayaking. His proud Irish heritage and love for craft brewing came together in his famous St. Patrick’s Day home brew tasting parties that lasted 25 years. Doug was a unique blend of working-class ethics with bourgeois tastes in beer, wine, cars, music and anything tech, often called “Gadget Man” for having the coolest stuff.

16 Oct 2020