Donald W. Pray ’85, a long-time resident of Cupertino, died on June 7, 2009 at age 82 after a short illness. He is survived by his daughter Jane Pray-Silver, two sisters, and six grand-hildren. Don was raised in the Boston area and he traced his family history in the U.S. back to the 17th century. Don completed a 22-year career in the Navy, aboard the USS Coral Sea, as a chief petty officer. During a tour of duty in the Philippines, he met, courted, and then later married his wife Josephine. After retiring from the Navy, Don completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at San Jose State University. He completed an MBA at Santa Clara University while at Underwriters Laboratory, where he worked for 19 years, retiring from his position as Associate Managing Engineer in 1989. After retirement, Don continued his many pursuits. He maintained his vintage VW Beetles. He was certified as a small airplane pilot, and loved to fly his single-ngine Cessna. He was an avid bicyclist and military historian. He is preceded in death by his wife and their son Joseph.

08 Nov 2018