Constituents Deceased list

Donald C. Flohr ’61 was born in Sonoma on Jan. 27, 1940, to Wilma and Melvin Flohr. He grew up in Petaluma and Santa Rosa alongside his two brothers, Mel (Trigger) Flohr and Bill Flohr. After graduating from Santa Rosa High School, Don attended SCU, where he also coached football at St. Martin. Subsequent to graduation from SCU he began his career at Wilcox High School as a teacher and administrator in the Santa Clara Unified School District. Don married his wife Carolyn on Dec 11, 1966. Before his retirement in 1999, Don served as the principal of Buchser Jr. High School, Peterson Jr. High School, and Santa Clara High School. He was driven by a profound sense of morality and conscience, and his life was a demonstration of exemplary character, commitment to faith, devotion to family, and sharing of God-given talents. When not teaching, selflessly coaching countless youth sports teams, or serving the Bellarmine Dads Club, he delighted in every opportunity for boating, water skiing, snow skiing, and fishing at the Donner Lake cabin with his family. Don died on Dec. 2, 2018, after a yearlong battle with leukemia at his home in Discovery Bay, California. He is survived by Carolyn, their two sons, Mel and Mike, daughter in-laws Laura and Cheri, and five grandchildren.

17 Jan 2019