David Ford ’70 was born in Oklahoma, the third of three children, to Will and Julia Ford, and was raised in Alabama and California. David was the grandson of longtime Oklahoma residents Frank and Josephine Kilpatrick and William and Maude Ford. He attended SCU and participated in the study abroad program to Rome. He graduated with a degree in philosophy, and later earned his master’s degree in financial services. David was married to Mary Milt for 47 years, his childhood friend, whose parents had grown up together and were family friends. He was the proud father of two children and lived many places before retiring in Texas. David was in the life insurance business and was a talented public speaker—and in later years, fulfilled a lifelong dream of writing, publishing a play and five books. Through his Christian faith, he was involved in the international prison ministry Kairos, spreading the love of Jesus Christ in the darkest of places. He also taught classes to inmates in prison, and through both of these efforts, started a letter-writing ministry, corresponding weekly with over 30 prison inmates. For 25 years, he managed a family game of college football called Bowl Pix, which brought laughter and fun to all extended family participants. He loved being with his family, games of all kinds, reading (the Bible and Kierkegaard were among his favorites), walking, relaxing in his backyard hammock, listening to podcasts, engaging in interesting conversation, and fearless cooking. He was a lifelong seeker of knowledge, fascinated with the study of physics, philosophy, and the mysteries of the universe. In his earlier days, he enjoyed playing golf, surfing, baseball, basketball, running, camping, and hiking. He will be remembered for his clever wit and sense of humor, his love of music (especially Bob Dylan), and his generosity. David passed away on March 16, 2018, following cardiac arrest. He was 69 years old. David was kind and compassionate and received great pleasure from giving whatever he could give to whomever he thought might need something. Most notably, though, David was a faithful, loving husband, father, and grandfather. He is survived by his wife, Mary Milt, son Harrison, daughter Taylor, and five grandchildren, as well as his sister, Judy, brother Bill, and many nieces and nephews.

08 Nov 2018