David Bonacci MBA ’02 brought the first FirstLight HomeCare location to California in June. Located at 2910 Camino Diablo, Suite 140 in Walnut Creek, the company provides professional, non-medical, in-home care services to seniors and others in need of assistance with daily activities in Walnut Creek, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Alamo, Danville and Canyon areas. "I’m eager to bring FirstLight HomeCare to my community in Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas," says Bonacci. "As our nation’s demographic shifts, there is an extreme need for our services. These days, seniors want to remain independent and in their own homes for as long as possible." Bonacci’s career in the rapidly expanding home care industry came as a result of various life experiences. For many people, flying jets in the military is a dream but for Bonacci, it became a reality in 1991 when he was commissioned as an officer for the U.S. Navy. Due to deep cuts in defense spending, Bonacci was able to leave the military early but quickly discovered his skills gave him the background to enter the flight simulations industry. Over time, this market died down but Bonacci continued working as a marketing manager in the video game industry while earning his MBA from Santa Clara University. As the gaming industry continued to evolve, Bonacci realized the types of games he was required to manage weren’t in line with his moral stance and he knew he needed a career change. Wanting to make a positive difference in his community, Bonacci turned to FirstLight HomeCare. Coming from the video game industry, Bonacci witnessed first-hand the degree to which we live in a youth-based culture. The importance placed on looks and youth in many industries was unsettling to him and he found that the elderly and their needs are often overlooked and brushed aside. This is what ultimately prompted his decision to enter the rapidly growing home care industry. "As my own parents age, I’ve realized what a challenge it is to find quality and professional help. I also wanted to find an opportunity that would allow me to serve others in our community in a meaningful way," says Bonacci. "Not everyone has a friend or family member locally to assist them. This business gives us the chance to really make a difference in someone’s life." Founded in March 2010, Midwest-based FirstLight HomeCare creates a new standard in non-medical home care by combining best practices gained by a dynamic senior leadership team with innovative approaches to make this franchise an emerging market leader in a fast-growing industry. Services can be provided at a private residence, assisted-living facility, retirement community, nursing home, skilled-nursing facility, adult family home or group home. Clients might also include new mothers, individuals recovering from surgeries and others. For more information, please visit www.firstlighthomecare.com.

29 Oct 2018