After almost 35 years of marriage, Daniel Patrick McCormick ’86 was still madly in love with his wife, Katie. He started every day by bringing her a cup of coffee and would tell anyone who would listen that Katie was out of his league. In the months, weeks, and days before he passed, Dan would always stop to say to his kids, “I feel so lucky to have found your mom.” As a fiercely proud father to Meg ’08, Maura ’10, Kat ’14, and Jack, he parented with a unique combination of humility and humor. During the school years, Dan doodled his face on the kids’ lunches every Friday morning to make them smile—a goofy self-portrait that he affectionately dubbed “The Dude.” And he went to great lengths to elicit laughs from his kids and grandkids, from releasing an earth-shattering burp in the carpool lane to cannonballing into the pool with all of his clothes on. Dan was also a loyal businessman, devoted to his team as co-managing partner of Legacy Risk, an insurance services company. He died on October 24, 2020.

22 Jan 2021