Anita Constance Arellano ’81 on  June 21, 2009. After a six-year battle with ovarian cancer, Anita Arellano, 76, died on June 21, 2009. On August 8, 1932, Constance "Connie" Garcia de Estudillo Arellano gave birth in Oakland, Calif., to a baby girl, who she named ‘Anita’. Connie was born south of the border, and her husband, Elias (‘Al’) was a native Californian. This little girl was brought up in Alameda, Calif., during the Great Depression and spent the war years and high school in Oakland. In 1950 she attended San Jose State College, where she majored first in journalism and then in history. She graduated with a BA in 1954, and married Carl Pohlhammer, a fellow historian, the following year. After a year in France with the U.S. Army, the couple settled in Berkeley, Calif., where Anita worked in the University of California’s Coe Library. After a brief stint in a pre-dical program she attained a Master’s Degree in history and political science from San Jose State, to go along with her General Secondary Credential. In 1963 the couple moved to the Monterey Peninsula, where they reside to this day. In addition to teaching at Monterey Peninsula College, she acquired a J.D. from the University of Santa Clara Law School, and practiced law for many years. While at Santa Clara she studied at Oxford, England, during one summer. She had a private pilot’s license, a Red Cross sailing and life saving certificate, a scuba divers’ certificate and a Junior College Life Credential. She managed several political campaigns and served as a delegate to the 1984 Democratic National Convention. She ran twice, unsuccessfully, for the Pacific Grove City Council in the 1980s, and she served on both the Alameda and Monterey Democratic Central Committees. She and her husband attended both inaugurations of President Bill Clinton. At Monterey Peninsula College she served as president of the Academic Senate, delegate to the statewide academic senate (ASCCC) and she served on a number of committees, including the Affirmative Action, Presidential Selection and Inter-ultural Relations Committees. Since coming to Monterey in 1963, she was a member of many boards, including the United Nations Organization, the World Affairs Council, the Sierra Club (Ventana Chapter), Fort Ord Flying Club and others. Over a long and busy life she has been a photographer, a flyer, a hiker, a sailor, a skier and has traveled extensively in California, Alaska, Hawaii and other states, South America, the South Pacific, Africa, Canada, Russia, and England, sharing experiences with and learning from many peoples in varied cultures in different lands.

08 Nov 2018