Clinton Oliver Lindseth MBA ’70, husband and father of five, died on December 30, 2020, five days before his 95th birthday. He was larger than life, generous of spirit with a boisterous laugh, always friendly, and a gatherer of people for games of all sorts from board games to bocce. An inventor, engineer, pilot, and veteran, Clint was born in Silva, North Dakota to Norwegian immigrant parents who owned a large cattle ranch. He graduated from a high school which was held in a one room schoolhouse at age 16. At 17, he enlisted in the Navy and served as a radio engineer stationed aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. He saw the celebration of the end of WWII in Okinawa Bay. Clint attended George Washington University, obtaining a B.S. in electronics engineering. While working in Washington D.C. post-graduation, he met and married his wife, Lois Lindseth. They left for California a year later and Clint became vice president of RS Electronics soon after joining the company. After 15 years and a number of patents, Clint left the company to begin a greater challenge at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, where he finished his engineering career 20 years and numerous rocket launches later. He attended Santa Clara University during that time, secured his pilot’s license, and founded a flying club with three Cessnas.

02 Jul 2021