Christopher Cone ’93 is president of the clinical services group at Unisyn Medical Technologies, which provides sustainable solutions to the diagnostic imaging industry, based in Golden, Colo.

In December 2011, in his role at Unisyn, Core worked with the Steve Nash Foundation to donate two reconditioned ultrasound systems and several ultrasound probes that will benefit at-risk women and children in Paraguay.

The Hospital Nacional Itaguá, which serves high-risk pregnancies and supports approximately 3,000 deliveries a year, will use the donated equipment to help diagnose and treat prenatal complications, such as blighted ovum, ectopic, and molar pregnancies.

Cone founded Echoserve, Inc. in 2005, and served as Echoserve’s CEO until its acquisition by Unisyn in September 2009. He attended SCU with Steve Nash ’96, now a point guard with the Phoenix Suns, and knew about the Steve Nash Foundation’s work in the health care industry, and joined its efforts in Paraguay.

29 Oct 2018