After departing from the Rose Garden, I headed straight to Belize, Central America, for a year-long stint as a PE coach to 750 primary schoolkids. Had no idea what I was getting into, but it was a hoot. Upon re-entry, driving back to the Bay Area for an indoor job, I stopped by a friend’s house in LA and never quite made it any farther north. Through a course of unpredictable events, I eventually acquired my wonderful wife (Paula), two fantastic boys (Andy, Kevin), a hefty mortgage, and a dog (which I tried to get rid of). Along the way, I kept moving south and currently live in the Los Alamitos/Seal Beach area. Someday I might find myself in Central America again–who knows?Education, with the exception of UCLA grad school, has been all Jesuit training since kindergarten–I kid you not. So I’ve been conditioned to always ask why. Why am I here? Why not? How did I get here?, somewhat like that Talking Heads song, "Once in a Lifetime." This is probably more than you need to know. Perhaps I’ll find answers at the 25th Reunion. Perhaps not. Either way, I’m excited about attending with Paula. For work, I’m currently with a company, DealerTrack, none of you have heard of unless you’re in the automotive industry. I’ve been on the client side, the agency side, and the marketing partner side. When asked which I liked best, I tell people they all have their up sides. My interests: At this moment, I’m interested in figuring out how not to forget to wind up the cuckoo clock. Due to the fact that kite boarding was no longer conducive to my lower back, I’ve become an avid stand-up paddleboarder (what’s SUP?), and one can frequently find me on the water at 7:00 am. The key to all of this is trying to keep a balance in life. If you know how, please share (cmcycle@gmail.com).  Music-wise: Still living in the ’80s. For favorite movies there are four: Field of Dreams; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; How to Train Your Dragon; and Dumb and Dumber because I can’t believe something so stupid could be so entertaining.

29 Oct 2018