Charles “Chuck” Hastings MBA ’82 was an only child born in Ithaca, New York, to Reverend William Fairbank Hastings and Ruth Imel Aldrich Hastings. Reverend Hastings’ ministerial career took him and his family to many places, so Chuck grew up partly among his cousins in New York and New England and partly in Puerto Rico. The Pacific Northwest became his favorite place when he first visited in the 1950s, and he settled here in the 1980s. Chuck was bright, technically adept, and highly educated, with dual bachelor’s degrees in math and physics from Grinnell College, a master’s in math from UCLA, an MBA from Santa Clara University, and most of the work toward a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. His career was a technical one, including writing software, designing computer architectures, and completing technical writing, marketing, and teaching. He was also a talented jazz “stride” pianist, a Bigfoot enthusiast, and the author of two self-published novels. Chuck died on April 2, 2018. He is survived by his wife, Angelita Go Casanova Hastings; his five children from his first marriage, Stuart (Lorraine), Stephen (Denise), Melissa, Lawrence, and Carolyn; his daughter Liezl (David); and his six grandchildren, Adam, David, Ruth, Paul, Hendrik, and Grace. He was a beloved father figure, uncle, and friend to the children in his extended families. He will always be remembered for his keen interest in world events, his love of driving, his unique cooking, his earthy proverbs, and most of all, his kindness.

08 Nov 2018