Charles F. Edgemon J.D. ’72 was born in Spokane, Washington, where he lived and loved airplanes, eventually earning a student pilot licence. Chuck joined the Air Force in 1954, moved to California, and a year later obtained his private pilot’s license. In four years, he became a staff sergeant and was selected by his commanding officer to go to the Air Force Academy. He declined because he wanted to go to college and become an electrical engineer. He lived in the South Bay Area for the majority of his adult life, and he enjoyed traveling the world extensively, learning about each country’s unique history, and submerging himself in other cultures. He was a graduate of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (B.A.); Stanford University (M.A.); and Santa Clara University (J.D.) He served as Judge Pro Tempore for the Santa Clara Judicial District. He was a man of an extraordinary variety of interests and talents that he loved to share with as many people as possible: You could be at a gathering at his home, and in one day get legal advice, take a flight with him in a small plane, have your burning grammar questions answered (in the gentlest way), and then have a party at which he played the piano—he knew well over 1,000 songs—for hours. Chuck died on April 1, 2020.

16 Oct 2020