There was never a moments rest for Carolyn Hanson MA ’90. Whether she was working in both construction and control room operator shifts at Hanford, managing an apartment complex, or delivering babies Carolyn put her heart into it. She had a lifelong drive to help people and give back to the world. She helped deliver approximately ten thousand babies and continued to aid others by founding the 364-BABY hotline. Perhaps Carolyn’s finest gift was being able to listen to and help others gain clarity about what they were saying. She never gave up on finding good solutions to obvious and non-obvious problems. She carried this idea and love for helping others into her consulting work and business. Most importantly, Carolyn enjoyed communicating with people. She cared deeply about peoples’ feelings as well as their thoughts, and she cared most fondly for those who could also reciprocate. Carolyn died on Feb. 1 2023.

28 Feb 2023